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  • Beau Plaukų Malaizijos Keistą Garbanotas Žmogaus Plaukų 3 Ryšulius Su Uždarymo 4x4 Colių Vidurinė Dalis 130% Tankis Ne Remy Nemokamas Pristatymas

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Beau Plaukų Malaizijos Keistą Garbanotas Žmogaus Plaukų 3 Ryšulius Su Uždarymo 4x4 Colių Vidurinė Dalis 130% Tankis Ne Remy Nemokamas Pristatymas

€80.07 €40.84

Žymos: ryšuliai su uždarymo, ryšuliai su uždarymo garbanotas, ryšulių garbanotas, Pigūs ryšulius su uždarymo, Aukštos Kokybės ryšulius su uždarymo garbanotas, Kinija ryšulių garbanotas Tiekėjų.

  • SKU: o11390
  • Pakuotės Dydis: 40cm x 30cm x 2cm (15.75in x 11.81in x 0.79in)
  • Įrenginio Tipas: daug (4 vnt/lot)
  • Pakuotės Svoris: 0.5kg (1.10lb.)



Papildoma informacija

  • tekstūra: Keistą Garbanotas
  • Medžiagos klasė: Ne remy Plaukų
  • Uždarymo Dizainas: Vidurinė Dalis, Nemokamas Dalis, Trijų Dalių
  • Prekės Pavadinimas: BEAU PLAUKŲ
  • Ištemptas Ilgis:
  • Ilgiausių Plaukų Dalis: >=15%
  • Žmogaus Plaukų Tipas: Malaizija Plaukų
  • Bleachability: #27
  • Modelio Numeris: JC 3+1 4*4

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  • Nat Izum

    This is my first time trying this company and I must say I'm wowed! Very good bundles with super fast shipping! I ordered 3 bundles w/ closure and made a wig unit. The bundles were flawless in my opinion. I am curious to know how great their 10A hair is if this is only 8A... The closure was the perfect density and after being plucked it looked so natural!! The only downside is that the closure shed more than I would have liked. Because of this, I opted out on bleaching the knots because that would only increase the hair loss. I would definitely be interested in purchasing more of this hair in the future.

  • Falcofoxburr

    I really love this hair for the price I paid! Its difficult to find good quality hair with a tight curl. I was able to wash and condition it a few times. It lasted me about two and a half months and was still in pretty good conditions. Aside from washing and conditioning, I also dyed the hair, Right before I dyed it I loosened the curl with a mixture of half perm and half conditioner. With all I put this hair through it held strong! I just suggest that you keep it conditioned and moisturized. Also, try to keep it wrapped at night and it will definitely last!

  • Nicolex 1

    AWESOME HAIR. It's so beautiful and soft no shedding or tangles.The hair does not loose it's curl pattern after washing and conditioning.Very soft true to length & great quality!!!The closure is perfect as well. I recommend this hair to anyone.I will definitely be purchasing again

  • Arthemishe

    This hair is a great deal. It's soft and no smell. I bleached and dyed it and it retained it's curl pattern very well as you can see and no shedding. I had mine used for a lace front wig. The nape area requires detangling throughout the day as with all curly hair but a little leave in conditioner and water in the morning is all the daily maintaining this hair takes. Will definitely be purchasing this hair again in the future.

  • Fedosiyrozloqy

    I have ordered several brands of bundles from Aliexpress and this one is by far the best. I bought 3 bundles with lace closure. I like that the bundles are full and thick, their double wefted, enough to do a full head. The hair does shed a tiny bit (very minimal) but only when I wet it and finger-comb it. I had to use some hair products to make it manageable but this is a very nice grade of hair it's bouncy, soft and it looks so natural. I will be purchasing again.



Profesionalūs Elektriniai CP6800 Šunų Plaukų Žoliapjovės Sidabro Įkrovimo naminių Gyvūnėlių Plaukų Clipper Šunų Viliojimo Kirpimas Skustuvas Mašina

PASTABA: Mes suteiksime nemokamą konversijos adapteris su jumis priklausomai nuo šalies ar vietovės. Aprašymas: CS-6800, Pet clipper Maitinimo/įkrovimo naudojant Galingus pjovimo našumą visų rūšių šunų/kačių Bauda, importuotų iš nerūdijančio

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